Architecture+Art Weekend / 30. June + 1. July 2018

Enter at your own risk / Pascal Brateau

open Sat+Sun, noon-10pm / Artist Talk: Saturday, 30. June 2018, 5pm

Image: Pascal Brateau, Vanité, 2012, wood, 148 x 148 x 256 cm


Pascal Brateau (1967) / FR, Installation
Curator / Irina Ilieva
Exhibition: 22. June – 13. July 2018
Finissage: Friday, 13. July 2018, 7-11pm
Venue: aquabitArt gallery, Auguststrasse 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
Open: Tuesday-Saturday 1-8pm
admission free

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Artist Talk, Saturday, 30. June 2018, 5pm. Please register by e-mail to

The site-specific artistic intervention “Betreten auf eigene Gefahr / Enter at your own risk” by the French artist architect Pascal Brateau aims to establish a certain “space turn-around”, based on the urban context and volume of the venue. The artworks between sculpture and architectural arrangement explore the space of the gallery – in particular the two existing levels and the small staircase, which connects them. The installation focuses on the opportunity to explore the environment, by changing the usual perspective.

The exhibited artworks question the image and perception of the house in the collective consciousness as secure, but vulnerable space for existence. Essential in this artistic intervention is the ambiguity of the works:

– the central piece, the poetical wooden structure “Vanité / vanity” applies the principle of palindrome (reading the same backward as forward), focusing on the duality of emptiness and abundance;

– the supposed transparency of “palito’s house” depicts a closed and inaccessible fence;

– the drawing-sculptures “casa dos bicos” and “exTRAIT” contain the act of violence and at the same time demand the feeling of security.

“Betreten auf eigene Gefahr / Enter at your own risk” refers to the possibility to explore the construction on your own risk, but it appears further as indication for our own responsibility for taking decisions, for choosing certain points of view and building according opinions as a result.

Regarding the relationship between artists and city-makers, the public and private place is a difficult common ground, strewn with misunderstandings. We wish to interlock these close disciplines and offer playground for discussion.” Pascal Brateau in 2017.