Architecture+Art Weekend / 30. June + 1. July 2018

In favour of a time to come

open Sat+Sun, 2-6pm

Image: alheava, observar com os afectos, estudo 4

Artists: Manuel Santos Maia, Nuno Ramalho
Curated by Nuno Ramalho
Venue: Wriezener Straße 12, 13359 Berlin-Wedding
Exhibition: 29 June – 14 July, 2018
Opening: Friday, 29. June, 7-11pm
Open: Saturdays 2:00 to 6:00pm and by appointment
Open on Saturday+Sunday, 2 – 6 pm

“I claim for the architects the rights,
and liberties that painters and poets
have held for so long”
Visual poem by Pancho Guedes

Alheava_architecture in Mozambique
Since 1999, I have developed and presented the project alheava, which has as its central theme Portuguese colonial and post-colonial collective memory.

African generation
In the fifties and sixties of last century, a generation of architects went to Africa for different reasons. (…) they built buildings applying the principles of European modernism adapted to the tropical climate. They applied the teachings of Le Corbusier, summoned Brazilian tropical modernism, reclaimed the link between art and architecture. (…) Far from Portugal, in the midst of Estado Novo, the architects of this “African generation” created freely and built more than they would build in the mainland, making a free architecture.
With a very strong presence in the cities, since the early 1950s, they built the new Angolan and Mozambican cities, cities that needed and had room to grow.
The quality, intelligence and uniqueness of the works, are an expression and impulse of freedom that extended the universe of architecture, and marked the 20th century in Africa.

Manuel Santos Maia
June 2018