about Architecture+Art Weekend
Architecture+Art Weekend / 30. June + 1. July 2018

The “Architecture + Art Weekend” (30. June + 1. July 2018) is an independent non-profit event that takes place for the first time in summer 2018 in Berlin. Institutions, galleries and project spaces that deal with architecture and art in their programs open their doors.

The event combines site-specific installations and exhibitions taking place this weekend in Berlin. The aim is to give a first overview of the different ways to exhibit and explore the interaction between architecture and art. The invited venues show exhibitions that integrate with this year’s theme “Berlin Remixing” and let artistic positions be experienced in historical locations around Berlin.

SPECIAL: curated walks through the exhibition venues in Berlin-Mitte will be offered by BertaBerlin / walk this way. Limited number of participants, please register on time at Architecture and Art Tour.

The “Architecture + Art Weekend” refers to the weekend of “Tag der Architektur / Architecture Day” (23. + 24. June 2018) of the Berlin Chamber of Architects and the last weekend of the festival “Make City” (14. June – 1. July 2018) with the topic “Berlin Remixing”. The different formats focus on architecture, the environment, remixing existing models of thinking and looking for contemporary solutions.



Image: Pascal Brateau, palito’s house, 2012, toothpick, 7x7x7 cm